The term ‘Jubilee’ is often used to define specific characteristics of certain Rolex bracelets, such as its five-piece, semicircular link construction. However, did you know that there is also a Rolex Jubilee Dial and this term does not refer exclusively to only the bracelet of Rolex watches?

Let’s take a look at the Jubilee Dial and which Rolex replica watches are fitted with them.

The Monogramed Rolex Jubilee Dial

The ‘Rolex Datejust’, which first appeared in 1945 in celebration of the company’s 40th anniversary, featured an innovative date dial on the front window of the watch. Also debuting on Datejust was a brand new style of bracelet, which was aptly named ‘Jubilee’ to celebrate the company’s big birthday. In 1985, Rolex celebrated another milestone of the Datejust turning 40, by launching the Jubilee dial. This, of course, was a simultaneous celebration of Rolex turning 80 years old.

The Jubilee dial is a....

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