Watches have become an integral part of our life as they are not only used to see the time, but they are also used to add an element of sophistication and elegance in your personality. Richard Mile has made a big name for its exquisite and elegant style. Now we can witness there yet another new and brilliant creation, and that is RM 53-01. It is created in partnership with famous Argentinian polo player Pablo Mac Donough. Richard Mille watches are of high prices. We can have richard Mille replicas, and these replicas copy the exterior design precisely.

Swiss Quality Richard Mille RM 53-01 Pablo Mac Donough Tourbillon

The watch is a Mille Classic, and it has a tonneau case in Carbon TPT. You can also see spline screws making it more classic this is complemented with openwork-movement of the watch. A large tourbillion is also featured at six o’clock and is suspended from sides with steel cables and pulleys. This watch is different as it has a high-quality winding system, a fast-rotating barrel, and an inertia balance. These functionalities prove the fact that Richard Mille can pull off a great product.

Why it is different?

We are stressing that this watch is different because Richard Mille has been able to the unique and elegant timepiece. This watch case is different from other eyes. With two intersection openings for dial and tourbillion has been combined with a tonneau case. A new watch has improved the cable suspensions system than previous models.

Dimensions of 53-01

Now that we know why Richard Mille 53-01 is different, let’s discuss the dimension of 53-01. 53-01 is a 44.5mm * 49.94mm watch with a thickness of 16.15mm. The case Material of 53-01 is made of Carbon TPT, and it is water-resistant over 50 meters. The scrap of 53-01 is of many colors, but the most trending is blue silicone. As we discussed that this watch has tourbillon with an hour and minutes with a caliber of RM 53-01. It has a power reserve of 70 hours with a frequency of 3hz. As we know, Richard Mille has been known for its graceful design look to maintain 19 jewels in the watch.

As we discussed that this watch had been made in a partnership with infamous polo-player Pablo Mac Donough. It means that watch is suitable for hard-hitting sports like polo, hockey, American football, etc. This watch has to solid and full of strength, and by testing, we can say that it is suitable to wear in a sport having hard and abundant tasks. The power of richard Mille replicas worth the price but we can expect top-notch performance

- Now that we know the basic dimensions of watch. Let’s discuss it from every aspect: -

The Dial and Sapphire Crystal: - We have an unmatched laminated sapphire with a Carbon TPT case, and this pairing has made the look of watch breath-taking. This watch will be in every game with Donough. It means that we can expect this watch to be healthy and strength full. Milles company has taken inspiration from the automotive realm to produce a laminated glass. This glass has been composed of two sapphire sheets, and to join them, Polyvinyl film has been used.

The glass will be cracked in case of any hitting or a hard shock wave, but the watch would be shattered. The antireflective and UV-coatings preserves the movement of the clock from the external environment.

- The Movement: - The shock is the most significant damaging factor for the tourbillion movement. As the shock can suspend, the movement 53-01 got ridden of the cable system. The baseplate has been fixed to the case and supports the tensioner mechanisms. There are two base plates. One is peripheral, and the second one is the central baseplate. As discussed, the peripheral baseplate is fixed with case giving support to tensioners. The second baseplate is connected to the peripheral plate and supports the caliber and winding mechanism.

Cables are sketched through the three-dimensional structure. It consists of 10 pulleys and four tensioners. This watch has a specific stiffness in the mechanisms, and the main factor behind this is five titanium and double baseplates.

- Other Features: - The device also has a progressive recoil; it means that it permits winding gain. We also have Spline screws in Grade 5 Titanium for the bridges and case. It also had a black and grey PVD treatment for bridges and baseplates in the mechanisms. Every part has a beautiful finishing; it means that it has micro-blasted surfaces and polished sinks with burnished pivots. Diamond is also polished sinks mixed with circular decorations. Very minimal corrections are done to the wheel of to preserve the geometry and overall performance.

- On the wrist and Pricing: - The Richard Mille 53-01 Tourbillion Pablo Mac Donough wears accurate with its size. This watch is the epitome of beauty and elegance. There are many straps available, but we will talk about the most-awaited and beautiful (according to us) strap. The celestial complementing the flange a crown symbolizes the Argentinian flag as the watch has been made with great Argentinian polo player Pablo Mac Donough. The new Richard Mille is available in 30 pieces. This watch starts with 900,000USD dollars.

Replica Richard Mille RM 53-01 Pablo Mac Donough Tourbillon

Richard Mille is known for its beautiful and unique creations. We can witness yet another example of craftsmanship, and that is RM 53-01. This watch is solid and sprightful with sleek and classic style.

This watch has been made in a partnership with the great polo-player, Pablo Mac Donough. It means we can expect the watch to be healthy and solid as Donough would be wearing in the impenetrable sport. The watch also comes with many unique features like tourbillion. It comes in 30 different models, but the product's face is the dial with a blue silicone strap.

The exposing mechanism with laminated sapphires and a solid blue color makes the clock beautiful and more desirable. The dial is protected with two sheets of laminated sapphire, so whenever your watch suffers from a shock, the glass will crack, covering the entire mechanism of the watch. This watch can cost you a fortune. Its price starts from 900,000 USD, so if you want to have the watch, you can have richard Mille replica. A replica ensures that the outer look is maintained, but it will not have high-quality inner mechanisms.