What Is PayPal?

As a highly reputable online merchant, PayPal is one of the most trusted methods of payment available today. A secure, online way to pay for goods from practically anywhere in the world, the platform supports 25 different currencies. Established in 1998, the electronic alternative to sending a cheque or paying with cash enables users to make an international payment with just a few simple clicks. Without the worry of conversion rates or the complexities of money transfer systems, PayPal will take care of it all.

Why PayPal?

Revolutionising the way we pay for goods online, PayPal is a true blessing for both buyers and sellers across the world. From independent retailers to large corporate brands, PayPal is one of the most secure ways to make and take monetary payments. Before PayPal, one of the only ways to transfer money internationally was via Western Union which took a lot longer to process.

What Are Replicas?

Similar to the way PayPal now has several competitors, the online replica watches business also features fierce competition. There are a number of websites that sell first-hand replicas or copies of watches that look exactly like the original watch.

As a pioneer country in the replica watch business, these products are very popular in the Chinese market. For vendors of these replica products, the most popular way for them to receive payment is through PayPal. Similarly, consumers also seek a secure method of payment and turn to PayPal as their trusted middleman. However, with this system malpractices were common and there were a number of issues for both consumer and vendor.

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Banning Replicas On PayPal

Many scammers in China and a handful of other countries, used to send low-quality goods to customers. Some vendors even used to send empty boxes to their customers and this was largely problematic for consumers as they couldn’t do anything about it. Left out of pocket and without the goods they had purchased, PayPal's reputation became tarnished in the replica industry. As a result, PayPal blocked all replica watch websites and vendors selling fake goods. From 2008, any brands or transactions featuring words such as ‘replica’ or ‘fake’ were removed from PayPal’s list of trusted vendors.

How To Pay For A Replica With PayPal?

Guidelines were soon implemented to enable replica watch vendors to receive payments via PayPal. These guidelines included a ban on words such as ‘fake’, ‘replica’ or ‘imitation’. When making a PayPal payment to Swiss King do not include these words in any payment reference and do not use the fake brand name or make reference to the replica website. By aiming to keep everything as genuine as possible, following these tips should allow you to continue trading.