The term ‘Jubilee’ is often used to define specific characteristics of certain Rolex bracelets, such as its five-piece, semicircular link construction. However, did you know that there is also a Rolex Jubilee Dial and this term does not refer exclusively to only the bracelet of Rolex watches?

Let’s take a look at the Jubilee Dial and which Rolex replica watches are fitted with them.

The Monogramed Rolex Jubilee Dial

The ‘Rolex Datejust’, which first appeared in 1945 in celebration of the company’s 40th anniversary, featured an innovative date dial on the front window of the watch. Also debuting on Datejust was a brand new style of bracelet, which was aptly named ‘Jubilee’ to celebrate the company’s big birthday. In 1985, Rolex celebrated another milestone of the Datejust turning 40, by launching the Jubilee dial. This, of course, was a simultaneous celebration of Rolex turning 80 years old.

The Jubilee dial is also sometimes referred to as the ‘anniversary dial’ for obvious reasons. Born in the 1980’s, an era when flaunting one's opulence was a trend in itself and purchasing as many luxury goods as you could afford meant that everything needed to be heavily emblazoned with logos, emblems and monograms. Rolex was no exception to the rule. The dial has ‘Rolex Rolex Rolex’ engraved on the whole surface of the watch face making it a timepiece undeniably reminiscent of an era synonymous with splendour.

Though the dial debuted on the Datejust, it also features on the Lady Datejust watches and the Day Date ‘President’ watches and even some Cellini pieces. Rolex often pairs the Jubilee dial with watches in a number of metals such as stainless steel or gold, to ensure maximum style variation for wearers and that all important customer appeal.

Over the years, the logo motif of the Jubilee dial has appeared in a selection of colours including luxurious champagne and simplistic monochromatic, even appearing pretty in pink and in a vibrant shade of blue. Still produced to this day, it is common for wearers of this particular style to report on how the face changes colour depending on how the light hits it. Due to this colour variation, the severity of the pattern can also change from subtle to much more noticeable.

Aside from the selection of colours, the Jubilee dial is available with a plethora of index styles, from diamonds to batons and Roman numerals to Arabic hour markers. There are some instances of the Jubilee dial that feature ‘Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified’ on it, though others only feature a simple ‘Datejust’ nameplate on the surface.

While the Jubilee style of Rolex will not be for everyone, it is a popular option for those that want a little extra from their watch aesthetic. Whatever model of Rolex you opt for, with the Jubilee dial, it will be guaranteed to boost the style factor of any outfit you put it with.